April Notices


23 Apr – 29 Apr                      Sun 23             10.00am  Choir practice

                                                                        10.30am  Morning worship                                                                                                                                              Sunday School & Creche

                                                                                         Tea and coffee in transept after worship

                                                                        11.45am   Stated Annual Meeting of congregation


                                                Tues 25           10.30am   Lyle Gateway in Union Street                               


                                                Sat 29              11.00am  Messy Church in Union Street

                                                                        7.30pm   Scout Ceilidh in Union Street         


The congregational stated annual meeting will take place on Sunday 23rd April immediately following morning worship.  The accounts will be presented at that time. This will be followed by a meeting of all trustees (Board & Session) to approve the accounts.



30 Apr – 6 May                       Sun 30             10.00am  Choir practice

                                                                        10.30am  Morning worship                                                                                                                                                                      Sunday School & Creche

                                                                                         Traidcraft Stall

                                                                                         Tea and coffee in transept after worship


                                                                        12.30pm    District meeting in Union Street


                                                Tues 2             10.30am   Lyle Gateway in Union Street


                                                Thur 4              6.30am    Polling Station in Newark Street


                                                Fri 5                 7.00pm   Boys Brigade Inspection & Display


30th April – district meeting for those in the following elders’ districts: Alan Blair, Gordon Macphail and

Jimmy Fisher


On the 4th May the Newark Street building will be used as a polling station in the local elections.


Our BB Inspection will take place on 5th May (1 week later than planned due to an Ardgowan school trip)

and the Inspecting Officer this year will be Mr Robert Todd a former member of the Company


Getting to know you - As previously intimated there are a number of “district gatherings” taking place over the next few months.  You will receive a personal invitation when it is your turn.


Pastoral Care - It is vital that the pastoral care team are kept informed of members of the congregation who might be in need of either a visit from one of the team, a visit from the minister or perhaps to receive the church flowers.  In order to assist in this process, a pastoral care card has been placed in the centre aisle seats and at the rear of the church.  Please make use of them and pass to the minister on the way out of church giving as much information as you can.


Leprosy Mission - Thank you to everyone who returned their collection boxes. The total raised was £97.45.Thank you also to everyone who collected enough used stamps  to fill a large envelope. Your support is much appreciated.


Traidcraft stall - There will be a Traidcraft Stall on the last Sunday of each month.


Church Office - The church office will be open each Thursday afternoon from 2.00 until 4.00pm in the vestry at Union Street.  If any conveners require any assistance with admin work they should visit the secretary at that time.  Telephone number of the office is 01475 722694.