July Notices


Please remember that parking at the front door is reserved for “blue badge” holders only.  Parking at the side of the church building should be for those who have more minor mobility problems.  If you are able, please park in the surrounding streets and leave the grounds free for those who need it. Also please do not park on both sides of Newark Avenue as it makes access impossible for emergency services.



The Sunday school will be on holiday over the summer months and will start back when the schools

 return on Sunday 13th August with a service to round off the summer Holiday Club.


Lyle Gateway has been so popular that a second morning per week is being offered on a trial basis

starting from Thursday 1st June.  If you have not yet visited because Tuesday doesn’t suit, here is your

opportunity to come along on a Thursday.     It will continue opening every Tuesday and Thursday over

the summer months apart from Tues 8th and Thurs 10th August when the holiday club is on. 



Guild – during the summer recess the Guild will meet for tea and a chat in the following locations between 2.00 and 4.00pm:           Tuesday 18th July in St Andrew's  Port Glasgow

                                                            Thursday 17th August in Westburn Parish

                                                            Thursday 21st September in Lyle Kirk, Union Street building.



23 Jul – 29 Jul                        Sun 23             10.00am  Choir practice

                                                                        10.30am  Morning worship                                                                                                                                              No Sunday School & Creche

                                                                                         Tea and coffee in transept after worship


                                                Tues 25           10.30am   Lyle Gateway in Union Street

                                                Thur 27            10.30am   Lyle Gateway (US)                                   




30 Jul – 5 Aug                        Sun 30             10.00am  Choir practice

                                                                        10.30am  Morning worship with guest preacher

                                                                                        Mrs Joyce Nicol

                                                                                        No Sunday School & Creche

                                                                                         ea and coffee in transept after worship


                                                Tues 1             10.30am   Lyle Gateway in Union Street

                                                Thur 3              10.30am   Lyle Gateway (US)                                   



Time off – the minister will be on holiday from 25th July to August 7th and during that time if anyone requires the services of a minister they should contact Rev Alan Sorensen on 01475 721741


Getting to know you - As previously intimated there are a number of “district gatherings” taking place to allow you to get to know the minister.  You will receive a personal invitation when it is your turn.  There have been a number of problems in getting everyone together and arranging a date which didn’t clash with another important event so apologies if your date was cancelled.  Rest assured ALL will be rescheduled after the summer holidays.


Holiday Club - this year our summer Holiday Club is again based on Guardians of Ancora and the will run from 7th August to 11 August from 10.30 to 12.30 each day.  Registration 10am on the 7th with BBQ on Wednesday 9th August from 6pm to 8.30pm.  NB Sunday Worship will take place in the Union Street building on Sunday 13th August


Walking Group – the full programme of walks for the year is available at the rear of the church today.  If anyone would like further information please speak with Jimmy Fisher.


Pastoral Care - It is vital that the pastoral care team are kept informed of members of the congregation who might be in need of either a visit from one of the team, a visit from the minister or perhaps to receive the church flowers.  In order to assist in this process, a pastoral care card has been placed in the centre aisle seats and at the rear of the church.  Please make use of them and pass to the minister on the way out of church giving as much information as you can.


Traidcraft stall - There will be a Traidcraft Stall on the last Sunday of each month apart from July 30th when the ladies will have a well-earned rest.


Church Office - The church office will be open each Thursday afternoon from 2.00 until 4.00pm in the vestry at Union Street.  If any conveners require any assistance with admin work they should visit the secretary at that time.  Telephone number of the office is 01475 722694.


Notices – any items for the monthly notices sheet should be in the hands of the secretary no later than the last Wednesday in the month.