The church has four galleries or lofts:

The Sailor's Loft, above which hangs a scale-model of a 20 gun frigate, the third or fourth replacement to one reputedly made from a piece of wood from the wreckage of a Spanish galleon, but this has never been confirmed. This gallery was erected in 1698.


The Crawfurdsburn or Choir Gallery is situated above the front entrance.  
It is in this gallery that a new 3 manual and pedal 42 voice Johannus Opus 37 organ console is placed.

Above the main seating area, and directly in front of the pulpit, is the Farmer's Gallery, easily recognisable from the model of a plough which hangs there. This "plough" was commissioned by a member of the congregation in 1965.

A long flight of stairs leads up to the Sir Michael Roberts Gallery or Laird's Loft, used by the Shaw Stewarts before the original church was abandoned in 1841, and Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart built his own Episcopal Chapel at Ardgowan in 1856.

The Laird's Retiring Room is now the Vestry.