Pirrie Hall

The Pirrie Hall

When Harland & Wolff undertook the removal and rebuilding of The Old West Kirk from its original 16th century location to the new church site of Seafield, they also promised to build a church hall to accommodate the congregation during the years of waiting for the re-emergence of their church. True to their word, this hall, named after the late Lord Pirrie of Harland & Wolff, was opened on February 19th, 1925, just five days after The Old West Kirk was closed down.

The Pirrie Hall, a large and handsome building with the name carved above the doors, was built within the grounds of the new church. This allowed the congregation to view the progress of the re-erection of their church while affording them the comfort of a "church" within the parochial hall.

The hall stands behind and to the left of the church, towards Campbell Street and when one enters, the impression is of light and space.

In square hammer-dressed rubble with ashlar margins, It is built to an Arts and Crafts movement design - high open timber purlin roof, low eaves, and leaded Tudor windows.

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