Picture Gallery


"The Last Supper"
(A Three Light Window)

The Gift Of Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart (c. 1850)
(1826 - 1903)

The Last Laird To Occupy His Family Pew In The Old West Kirk
Located In The Schaw Aisle (Behind The Laird's Loft)
The Window Was Made By Ballantine & Co.

Above can be seen the stairs at the rear of The Old West Kirk, leading to the Laird's Loft.
Immediately above the door can be seen the 3 light window housing "The Last Supper"

Below can be seen a plaque portraying the Crest Of The Shaw Family
"The Three Covered Cups"
(Adopted when the family became wine tasters to the King in the 16th century)
The original Old West Kirk was built by the Laird of 'Grenock', Johnne Schaw in 1591