Zim Greetings

Dear Margaret,

Bill Ryce agreed to assist us as our temporary pastor, while we pursue hopefully getting a permanent minister for St. Andrews. We are extremely grateful to his congregation at Highlands Presbyterian in Harare for assisting us to provide a liveable wage to him.

Your email arrived at just the right time, as I was not only able to pass on your greetings to our congregation on Sunday but also to distribute copies of your Community Prayer Diary to the elders at our monthly session meeting which took place after the service. I also explained to our congregation Lyle Kirk's predicament regarding your buildings, and during the service Bill led us in praying for you all. Bill has agreed to let you have the requested prayer for your November diary

I am truly grateful for your congregation's ongoing interest in our children's education fund and hope that someday we will be able to repay their kindness. In the meantime they will remain in our prayers.

Here we are thankful that the rains have begun and we thank God for the 22 people who have come forward for the new members’ class and also for the potential youth leader. We pray that Pinashe will be able to enthuse the youth in this community, so that the knowledge of Jesus will resonate through the streets of this place and will counteract the influence of drink, drugs and immorality amongst the young people. We pray that we will have a huge growth in numbers of young people attending St Andrews and that the congregation in this sanctuary, will be able to adapt to differing styles of worship in their midst.

The whole Presbytery of Zimbabwe has been shocked at the fire that has destroyed the first year girls’ dormitory at our David Livingstone School. By the grace of God all the girls were able to follow their fire drill and escape but all their possessions have been lost.

We need your prayers so desperately as we go through this trying time. It is so good to hear from you again, please give our best regards to all at your side.

Les Hadfield, Session Clerk

St Andrew's Church - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Seems a long time since the Christmas offering that was sent to our partners, St Andrew's, but here are letters from the children who had help with their school fees. If your Mum can't pay your fees you can't sit the qualifying exam at the end of primary school and your education stops dead. As one child says "Education is our hope" - and another, "Thank-you for being kind and helpful" - so thanks to all who contributed.