~Neshangwe News~

October 2014

Dearest Friends,

Hallo from us all. We miss you all and would love to hear from you!


(Above: The boys in their Petra school uniform)


continues to settle into school though he misses his Colorado friends a lot. He loves I.T. and basketball is his outdoors love. The weekly travels to play basketball against other schools keep him happy. He is now also on the church youth group leadership committee and has been playing the role of bridging different cultures in the youth group. Thank God for the multi-cultural training ground over the last few years.



Melusi has finally settled in nicely at school after a rocky start at the beginning of the year. He too has marked his territory on the sports field in soccer and cricket. The soccer matches are delightful to watch, but the cricket matches are, to quote mom, “painful to watch; too slow in the heat of the sun.”


Mom is being mom: worrying over whether the boys are coping with so much that is new to them, watching like a hawk to see if dad is taking his days off considering that he has much on his work plate, and making sure that there is order and routine. St Andrew’s church has decided to keep Lydia as their full time minister for next year and beyond, so there’s reason to celebrate.



The dad is being dad - and more. He continues to have strong hands to carry the work of his congregation, the work of reform research work for the Presbytery, being the father of the extended family, and the work of being dad and husband (that husband one is a particularly big job J).


Finally: Thank you for your love that is shown in many ways. Keep up your prayers – they keep us going.