Church Flower Rota


The Flower group has re-convened, now that we are worshipping regularly in the Union Street building. We would really welcome new volunteers, so if anyone is interested, please give Delia a ring on 726627


August 1st.         Heather Reid.          723959


          8th.         Anne MacPhail.         795407


         15th.         Jamesina Boyd.        793679


          22nd.       Margaret Allan.          803510


          29th.       Phyllis  Finnie.             631495


Sept.      5th.      Carole Chamberlain.    635000


           12th.      Moira Kennedy.            727207


            19th.     Margaret Foggie.          724622


            26th.     Delia Sommerville.        726627


Oct.      3rd.      Jessie Crawford.           726104


            10th.      Mary Pollock.              798341


           17th.     Jan Duthie.                 01505 872760


          24th.    Heather Reid.                723959


         31st.     Anne MacPhail.              795407