Life and Work is the magazine of the Church of Scotland

During this challenging period, Life and Work is committed to helping keep our Christian community connected. The magazine will continue to be published as normal and distributed to you, our loyal readers.

Despite another year of increased production and operational costs we are delighted to hold the cover price of £3.00 for 2022. There is no additional postage cost. We hope this price freeze will retain you as subscribers and entice new readers as our Church attempts to recover from the financial impact of Covid-19. 

Ordering LIFE and WORK Magazine for 2022.

The magazine is available as a digital download and as a physical paper magazine. 

Option 1)
The digital subscription is £20.99 for 12 months available from

Option 2 A+B
) Printed magazine posted to your home address for £36.
Option 2A) Complete direct debit form (available below, or from the church office
Option 2B)The completed Personal Subscription forms (available below, or from the church office e-mail should be posted or e-mailed to Life and Work, details on the order.

Option 3)
Printed magazine ordered through and made available by the church for £36. E-mail the church -

Orders needed by Sunday 7th November.

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Life and Work continues to play a key role in keeping our Christian community connected and informed. Next year, each issue will dedicate two pages to the Faith Action Programme. This will communicate messaging from the central office of the Church of Scotland directly with readers of Life and Work. The magazine will also bring special offers to its loyal readership and reintroduce the crossword as a competition with book token prizes every month.

Those that subscribe to the magazine of the Church of Scotland directly support the vital and vibrant work of the Church and we are grateful for your ongoing commitment.

Best wishes
Life and Work Team