World Mission enews: 23 May 2018


World Mission at Heart and Soul

What a great day we all had on Sunday! Visitors to the World Mission tent at Heart and Soul in Princes Street Gardens had the chance to work on 'pieces of peace' - making up a giant jigsaw, and then collecting pieces to make up their own jigsaw to take home. We had a wonderful display of photos and words from young people working for peace around the world, and a quiet area where vistors could go and pray for peace, and then put a ribbon in a map to show where they were praying for. 

If you couldn't make it along this time, we hope to see you next year!



South Sudan - From Different Perspectives

You may have heard the Right Rev Peter Gai, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and Chairman of the South Sudanese Council of Churches, address the Assembly on Monday with a moving account of life during war in South Sudan. 


On Monday 28th May at 11am, you are welcomed to come and join us at 121 George Street for coffee and cake and meet Peter Gai to learn more. Rev Gai will be joined by some of the South Sudanese diaspora living in Edinburgh. They will tell us about the current situation in South Sudan, the peace process and what their hopes are for their country.



Update on devastating fire in Kimri, Nepal

2 weeks ago there was a major fire in one of the most remote and vulnerable villages where our partner in Nepal - United Mission to Nepal (UMN) works. Seventeen households including 90 people (almost half the village population) have been left homeless by the disaster. Their houses were totally burnt; the victims were left only with the set of clothes that they were wearing. Thankfully, no casualties or deaths were reported, but for a village of already immensely vulnerable people, it’s easy to imagine this fire permanently displacing them and leading to the collapse of the community.


We have since had an update from Joel Hafvenstein in Nepal.


Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and generous support in response to the devastating fire in Kimri.

I’m glad to report that the homeless villagers have built temporary shelters that should be adequate for the monsoon, and their emergency needs have been met. The district government has done a good job of coordinating the immediate relief, assigning different organisations to carry out the distribution of emergency food, tarpaulins, and other necessities; UMN and our local partner KCDC agreed to distribute clothing and solar lights. With immediate needs taken care of, our thoughts now turn to supporting the longer-term recovery of the village.


In Kimri, as in many other highland areas of Nepal, this is a time of year when all able-bodied villagers head up to slopes above 5,000 meters to collect yarsa gumba, an extremely valuable “caterpillar fungus” used in traditional medicine. This year, especially for the families who lost their homes, the income from high-altitude fungus harvesting will be crucial. So the village will be mostly empty for a couple of months; our recovery work can only properly start after they return in July.

We will meanwhile be planning with community representatives, the government, and other agencies active in the Karmarong area, agreeing what aspects of the recovery we are all best placed to support. UMN has thus far raised around US $50,000 to support the villagers’ recovery thanks to your generosity; this will make a tremendous contribution toward restoring the life of the village after this disaster.


Please look for more updates later in the summer. For now, please do keep the villagers in your prayers—for protection both for the harvesters braving high-altitude weather and the elderly who remain in the village. Many of them are questioning whether bad karma from some collective sin led to the fire. Pray for them to know hope and freedom from blame.



World Mission Fringe Event - Interfaith Encounters

On Monday, over 100 visitors had the chance to hear from some of our overseas delegates as they shared stories of how they and their churches seek to live and work in an interfaith context. Keron Khellawan from the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago, Emmanuel Kwame Tettey from the Presbyterian Church in Ghana, and Elina Hellqvist from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland inspired the full-to-capacity venue with stories of different religious communities coming together to achieve common goals.


The World Mission Council's report to this General Assembly this year is on Interfaith Engagement. Across the world, partners are living out their calling to witness to their faith in very different environments from our own, and often living alongside other faiths – in harmony, or uneasily, or in anxiety, or in fear. Our Christian partners have different attitudes, forged from their own history, particular traditions and experience, and these need to be considered as we engage with them as part of the world church.

Read the full World Mission Council report. 



·         YWCA of Palestine International Youth Conference "Youth Participate and Youth Decide: Towards Freedom and Justice" - October 10th-14th 2018.
In line with its mission and commitment to empowering youth locally and globally, the YWCA of Palestine is organising an international youth conference in Palestine, in partnership with few YWCA’s globally, and in coordination with the Joint Advocacy  Initiative (JAI), local UN organisations and NGO's within the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 2250.
For more information visit the YWCA Palestine website


·         24th of the Month Event. We are joining with Christians around the world to pray for peace in the Middle East on the 24th of each month. We pray with and for our sisters and brothers in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories who have called for an ecumenical prayer vigil across the globe on the 24th of every month. 
If you are interested in hosting a 24th of the Month event, please contact Val Brown, from Christian Aid,


·         This summer, the International Family Camp organised by the Church of Scotland and the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren, will take place on 4-11 August at Carronvale House in Larbert. This will involve plenty of fun family activities, and the opportunity to build new friendships and enjoy fellowship. Email for more information.


·         The Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren is also arranging an international camp for young people in the Czech Republic. Funding may be available to cover costs, contact for funding information.


·         Read the latest WM Magazine - Interfaith Engagement


·         The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is recruiting for a Digital Media and Monitoring Coordinator, to be based at their offices in London. For more information go to


·         Planning a Holiday Club? The new World Mission Holiday Club pack is a full 5 day club resource, and it's free! Get an online copy from our website or contact us at for a paper copy. 


·         We've developed a set of prayer cards focusing on young people that are great to use. Each card introduces you to a young person from around the world, tells you a little about them, and includes a prayer that they have written. Contact us for a set, they're free!


·         Positive Help, our partners in Edinburghneed volunteers to work directly with local people living with HIV. Opportunities range from taking a child out for a fun outing, to helping out in the office. Click on the link or contact us on for more information.


·         Apply for the Amity Foundation's 2018 Summer English Programme for the opportunity to provide training for English teachers in China.


·         Read the Sabeel Wave of Prayer here, and pray for peace in Palestine and Israel


·         Read the World Mission Council's Blog here.




Where we have met

in expectation and wonder,

may I give You thanks, O God.


Where we have met

in questions and concern,

may I give thanks, O God.


Where we have met

and new things unfolded,

may I give thanks, O God.


Where we have met

and found each other again,

may I rest in Your blessing,




From Word Of Life - Pray Now, published by Saint Andrew Press.