Sunday Tea Rota 2017/18

8th Oct and 10th Dec 15th Oct and  17th  Dec 22nd Oct and  24th  Dec 29th Oct and  31st  Dec
Team No. 1 Phone No. Team No. 2 Phone No. Team No. 3 Phone No. Team No. 4 Phone No.
J. McKenzie 720696 P. Finnie 631495 M. Adamson 636525 J. Crawford 726104
M. Moyse 07957635938 M. Brown 722737 J. Boyd 793679 S. Mc Caig 791210
C. Hamilton 793165 M. Horsburgh 634792 C. Evans 725968 M. Mackie 632815
K. Kerr 07732213361 B. Terris 783427 C. Platt 786604 J. Swindells 726549
5th Nov and 7th Jan  12th Nov and 14th Jan  19th Nov and 21st Jan  26th Nov and 28th Jan 
Team No. 5 Phone No. Team No. 6 Phone No. Team No. 7 Phone No. Team No. 8 Phone No.
C. Chamberlain 635000 M. Allan 803510 M. Crookshanks 727927 H. Sunter 720340
M. Forster 726069 S. Hutcheson 721636 F. Rushton 785371 J. Elder 720699
J. Lindsay 722569 R. Peat 520466 A. Macphail 795407 M. Foggie 724622
Angela Roffe 724360 I. Mitchell 529471 J. Hyde 718108 C. Hendry 632824
3rd Dec and 4th Feb
Team No. 9 Phone No. Reserve List  Phone No.
L. Howlett 637357
M. Pollock 798341
L. Gilliland 07946739799 M. Raeburn 781700
D.Derrick 717229 u


1)      1st name to supply 2lt milk and set up tables etc.
2)      When all duties finished key to be passed to 1st person on the list for the following week.
3)      If unable to arrange a swap  please contact one of the Ladies on the RESERVE list 
              Thanks again for your continuing support which is much appreciated .