Stewardship 2013

Are there ways you feel your church could help you, or are there other ways in which you would like to help the church? Either way, please return your response to your elder, or hand it in to the church after Stewardship Sunday. The reponse card (part of the Stewardship Leaflet) can be downloaded here as a PDF

Members enjoyed a relaxing presentation and lunch following service on Stewardship Sunday. Ross Finnie introduced the proceedings, and was followed by Janette McKenzie who spoke on what she has given to the work of the church for pastoral purposes and especially as a member of the Choir and the need for more members with musical ability to become involved. Our 2nd speaker was Adrian Howlett who spoke about his work as Web editor, and the development of wider communications through the parish magazine spirit, and the need for more members to be involved. Our Minister, the Rev Ian Johnson then said Grace and we enjoyed home-made stone soup and rolls, with tea and coffee. Our final speaker was Heather Sunter who spoke about what she has given to the work of the church as Clerk to the Congregational Board, and Secretary to Lyle Gateway and the range of abilities needed for Lyle Gateway. Ross Finnie then closed the lunch reminding members of the purpose of Stewardship, and the imperative of returning 'My Response' forms.

Photographer and Reporter Adrian Howlett