Sad news from Grassroots

News update November 2013
Glad to pass on that the Grassroots UK Trustees have not given up but are still negotiating with the UK Borders Agency to achieve the Sponsor Licence required before visas will be granted to the artistes.  This means we can still hope for a visit in 2014 but can't make firm plans yet.  We've heard from Ephson Ngadya in Bulawayo that they are really touched by the messages of support from all their friends.

Dear All,

I am so sad to have found this news on Grassroots UK's web-site.  I knew there were visa problems but hoped they would be solved as in previous years.  I have been trying to contact the English Organisers for weeks but getting no response, presumably because they were still trying to move the hard hearts of the Border Agency.  There will be a lot of disappointed people in Inverclyde and all over the rest of UK too.

Perhaps next year...

Thank-you for all your support in the past and every good wish for the future,
Margaret Foggie

Grassroots Arts UK (GAUK)
It is with regret that we have to inform friends and partners that this year's tour will not be taking place. There are a number of factors but we have been unable to secure sponsorship in time from the UK Border Agency making it impossible to host members of GTC. Once this is formally set up and we have the status, the tours can continue. Apologies to all those who were looking forward to this year's tour, but we hope to continue next year.