Pastoral Letter from the Interim Moderator and Locum at Lyle Kirk

Just these words.... say that Ann and I are holding each and every one of you in our hearts and in our prayers and will continue to do so throughout this fast emerging pandemic sweeping through our communities as throughout the world. 
In the strong biblical faith that our God is a Delivering God and that as he has delivered his people in the Exodus and down through the ages so he will deliver us also from this modern day plague. Our God is able to find a way where there seems to be no way, but he does not expect us to take a back seat. He calls us to act – forward- always forward. So it was that with the information the Session Clerk and I had regarding the devastating effect of this Corona Virus (Covid – 19) we took definitive action to suspend all church services. With that certainty in mind and following consultation with the Assistant Session Clerk last Sunday morning we have acted again with haste to suspend all Committee meetings. Committee work will proceed using all appropriate forms of Electronic communication. 
For as long as is appropriate we will move to a telephone call pastoral ministry. Apart from urgent calls demanding of the Minister’s immediate attention your first point of contact will be your District Elder who will respond accordingly. Action is underway to collate all telephone numbers and you are invited to assist your Elder in ensuring that he /she has the correct number. If for any reason you are unsure of who your Elder is then please enquire of Karen Glen at the Church Office: 01475 722694

There will be a small Telephone Care Team put in place to assist Elders in identifying and in assisting however possible those who are in greatest need. And there will be further information as soon as possible about the formation of a Prayer Group who will be receiving names from those who would appreciate being prayed for on a daily basis, either for themselves and /or for a loved one.

Our concern is for the good of all our people from the youngest to the oldest – from the single parent to the eldest grandparent, for those living alone and especially for those with underlying health difficulties.

Two things we need to remember 1. CH-RCH what’s missing?  ‘U’ – YOU are the Church not somebody else – it’s not just what the elders or the ministers are doing – it’s what we as members of the church family are doing. 2. A healthy family builds-up the weakest member.

I know that working together as a healthy church family and by the grace of God we will win through to a bright tomorrow. Maybe weather permitting we will be able to open our windows and have a good old ecumenical Songs of Praise.


Keep us in your prayers and with every Blessing, I am your minister and friend         Morris Coull


Here is a Prayer that I have always found helpful in the most trying of circumstances – keep it beside you.

The Lord is here,

His Spirit is with us.

We need not fear,

His Spirit is with us.

We are surrounded by love,

His Spirit is with us.

We are immersed in peace,

His Spirit is with us.

We rejoice in hope,

His Spirit is with us.

We travel in faith,

His Spirit is with us.

We live in eternity’

His Spirit is with us,

The Lord is in this place,

His Spirit is with us.



Minister Morris Coull + phone number – (01475) 342902

Session Clerk - Ross Finnie phone number - (01475) 632495