The following Notice has been issued by Clyde Presbytery in connection with our Vacancy and in particular the service of Induction to be held on Tuesday 11 May 2021 in our Union Street Sanctuary.

PLEASE NOTE that although Covid-19 restrictions have been eased they have not been lifted. Accordingly, attendance at the service will be limited BUT the service will be live streamed.

More details about the service will be issued shortly

Ross Finnie

Session Clerk



To be read on one Sunday

Notice is hereby given that the Vacancy Procedure Committee of the Presbytery of  proposes to : i.                     sustain the call of Mr Fleming  to Greenock Lyle Kirk and set the date for his service of induction  as the 11th May 2021 in  Lyle Kirk  at 7pm,

ii.                   instructs the Clerk to send intimation of this decision to the Presbytery of Ardrossan requesting the release of Mr Fleming from his current charge of Larg’s St John’s    linked with Cumbrae in order to take up  the call to Greenock Lyle Kirk

iii.                 instructs the Clerk and the Moderator to make all necessary arrangements for the service of induction,

iv.                 instructs the Clerk to send a Schedule A notice of this decision to be intimated to the congregation of Greenock Lyle Kirk at a public diet of worship.

This action will proceed unless at least four persons, who are either communicant members of this congregation of Greenock Lyle Kirk or full members of Presbytery, together or separately submit to the Presbytery Clerk a request for this proposal to be considered at the next meeting of the Presbytery. Any such request must set out the relevant reasons.

You should submit any such request in writing to the Presbytery Clerk at  by the 2nd May 2021.

If four valid requests are received, then sustain the call to Mr Fleming will be suspended and the approval of Presbytery will be required.

This intimation should be read out before a diet of public worship and then displayed publicly for seven days for the congregation to see. It should be displayed on the website, and facebook page of the congregation and intimated by email to members for which the congregation holds e mail addresses.

Peter McEnhill,

Presbytery Clerk