Inverclyde Foodbank New Year Message:
The Inverclyde Foodbank would like to take this opportunity to thank our many donors for their wonderful generosity and kind donations throughout 2015 and particularly as we approached the winter months. So very many individuals, families and organisations have come forward to donate and provide the much needed food items and other support. The foodbank is signally dependent upon your warm hearted giving and without which we could not continue to provide what has become a critical service to those who find themselves in the unfortunate and distressing position of requiring food support.
We would also like to express our deep appreciation to our band of volunteers who have given so willingly and sacrificially of themselves and their time and our thanks too to our many partnering agencies in this essential service.
We look forward to working further with you and our warmest wishes to all of you for a 2016 abounding with blessing, peace and joy!

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